Embrace The Detours!

Sometimes God takes the most mundane situations that we see as distractions or detours and uses them to show us those small blessings, or more importantly, if we're paying attention, allows us to bless someone else! Embrace the detours! You never know what God is trying to show you!


Why Are You Sleeping?

How often in our lives are we waiting on the Lord to move, when it's us that's not doing our part? Too often we walk through this life asleep spiritually, expecting God to change our circumstances. He's doing His part (see Luke 22:39-44), He did His part when He died on that cross for you … Continue reading Why Are You Sleeping?


So I've been pretty quiet (well, silent I guess) on my blog as of late. 1 of my 3 followers - just kidding...think I have 4 now - asked me what was up with that, and I guess it got me to asking myself the same question. If you don't have anything good to say, … Continue reading Silence


I don't know where the story below came from originally, but I heard it in a sermon I was listening to from Pastor Steven Furtick. Can you imagine if Jesus chose us based on our qualifications today, rather than what He sees in us, and what He knows He can do through us? If Jesus … Continue reading Qualifications

Live by Faith

We all only have one life, but we get to decide how to live it. Jumanji Yep...I just put a quote from Jumanji, on my blog, that's about Jesus.  But it's a good quote, and it led me to see something I've never quite noticed in a verse that I've read several times. I have … Continue reading Live by Faith

The Free Gift

Have you opened that free gift?

Silent Sermons

sometimes the greatest sermon of your life will be by the things that you went through. Steven Furtik We don't always have to speak to someone about God in order for them to meet Him. Sometimes, the things we go through and how we handle the difficult situations, or how we treat others speak louder … Continue reading Silent Sermons